Food Systems Profile

The mission of the Food Systems Workgroup (FSW) is that everyone has equitable access to safe, healthy, and affordable food.  
The Action Team brings together local stakeholders to improve access to high quality, affordable, fresh and local
food for traditionally underserved neighborhoods.  The team has worked closely with recognized informal leadership
in targeted neighborhoods to develop plans and gain consensus across neighbors on appropriate steps to achieve
the goals.

Key efforts of the action team in 2014 and 2015 include working closely with the residents and leaders in the following
•        Baker-Donora
•        Fabulous Acres
•        North-west

The original proposal that outlines the purpose and proposed actions for the Team can be seen here:
Access and
Equity Action Team Proposal

A brief introduction to the Action Team is shown in this brochure.

Among the research documents that aided the Action Team to identify areas with limited access to healthy food in the
Lansing area were:

•        A food desert analysis map of the Lansing urban area, which also maps important assets such as community
gardens and public transportation:
Click here

•        Additional detail of the landscape in the north section of the city: Click here

•        Analysis conducted by the Ingham County Health Department, which examined key issues such as
transportation, proportion of children with low access, and prevalence of diabetes:
Click here