About the Food Systems Workgroup

The Food Systems Workgroup (FSW) has been meeting since fall of 2009 to establish a
team of individuals to develop and pursue the mission that everyone has equitable access
to safe, healthy and affordable food.

The need for a local workgroup was established by the 2007 Comprehensive Health
Assessment Process & Survey; which facilitated conversations and surveys with Eaton,
Clinton and Ingham residents.  Survey results identified “improve safety of food,” “improve
quality of food” and “access to healthy food” as ranking 3rd, 4th and 7th on a list of 25
concerns that were “essential or very important” to respondents.

In December 2009, the yet nameless group developed a
logic model to guide programming
directed toward food system producers, consumers and decision makers.  This document
became a foundation of understanding specific needs that became the focus of our
collaborative work.

By the summer of 2011, the FSW began in earnest to develop its decision making and
membership structure and by-laws were developed and approved. These
by-laws were
amended in 2014

The Food System Workgroup continues to move forward with the development and
implementation of a strategic plan and establishment of Action Teams to achieve our goals.

We Hope You’ll Join Us!

The mission of the Food Systems Workgroup (FSW) is that everyone has equitable access to safe, healthy, and affordable food.